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Nithiya K

LLB (Hons) Southampton, UK
Advocate & Solicitor (Singapore)

Nithiya graduated with a Bachelor of Laws (Honours) from the University of Southampton in 2006 and worked at Heng, Leong & Srinivasan LLC for 2 years and counting.

Nithiya has handled various voluminous civil litigation work as well as personal injury claims. Having a desire to do criminal litigation, she did her pupillage at M/s Edmond Pereira & Partners where she continued to work after being called to the Singapore Bar in March 2011. She is experienced in various kinds of criminal defence work and contentious matrimonial ancillary matters.

To further broaden her expertise in criminal litigation, she joined the Ministry of Defence in January 2012 where she was appointed as a Military Prosecutor. She gained a vast experience in many areas, including the following:

  1. Conducting trials at the Subordinate Military Court and appeals at the Military Court of Appeal.

  2. Advising and guiding law enforcement officers on investigations, criminal proceedings and procedure.

  3. Conducting lectures to military personnel.


Besides prosecution, Nithiya also did some advisory work on civil matters and was selected to be part of a Committee of Inquiry pertaining to the death of a serviceman.

In June 2017, she returned to practice and joined a firm that specialised in the area of insurance law. Besides independently conducting trials, assessment of damages hearings and other chamber hearings in Court, she has successfully settled many cases pertaining to personal injury and property damage in and out of Court. Nithiya has always taken a pragmatic approach towards the matters she handles and endeavours to keep her clients' best interests at all times. Having the view that justice should be accessible to all, she is also a volunteer at legal clinic and temple as a legal advisor.

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